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Browser Requirements

Eventfinity Browser Requirements & Technical Considerations


It is recommended to use a modern web browser for an optimal experience during a live virtual event. Eventfinity is fully optimized on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and we recommend using the latest release version of those browsers to access our platform for the best user experience.

Supported browsers by platform:


Google Chrome (version 49 or higher)

Mozilla Firefox (version 52 or higher)

Microsoft Edge (version 79+)



Google Chrome (version 49+)

Mozilla Firefox (version 52+)

Safari  (version 11+)

Microsoft Edge (version 79+)**



Google Chrome for Android

Firefox for Android

Apple IOS (iPad/iPhone):

Safari on IOS 11 or higher

Safari on IOS 14 (best experience in vmeet)

Our best practice is to test for all browser options to ensure the best possible experience and understand limitations specific to each site however, if you don’t want to encourage attendees to access the platform through Google Chrome or Firefox there will be limitations on customization to the site.

We also can turn on alerts to those attendees that may be using an old browser to let them know to access the platform another way and we have a tech support button on all pages of the platform where attendees can get real time support.

Note on Internet Explorer:

OpenTok.js version 2.16 was the last version to support the OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer. OpenTok.js version 2.16 was deprecated in May 2020 for the Standard line and June 2020 for the Enterprise line. Support for the OpenTok plugin for Internet Explorer was removed in OpenTok 2.17. 

*OpenTok.js is an API which allows for the use of WebRTC video (video conferencing), voice and messaging communications on the eventfinity platform.

Screen sharing on a Mac:

On macOS 10.15+ (Catalina), to publish a screen-sharing stream the user must grant the browser access to the screen in macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording. Otherwise, the Publisher will dispatch an accessDenied event.

Screen sharing from a mobile device:

There is not currently a mobile browser that allows mobile screen sharing. To screen share, users will need to be on a laptop or desktop computer.

Browser Permissions:

Eventfinity’s video chatting tool, vMeet, is an in-browser video chat that allows for easy video chatting that does not require any downloads so just about anyone can use it.  vMeet works across all browsers but is optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox. Users will need to make sure that their computer’s camera, microphone, and sound are enabled - especially on corporate windows devices. Users will also need to make sure that their camera, microphone, and sound are enabled on their browser and give permissions to the vMeet platform. Typically, users will be prompted ‘allow’ for these permissions when entering a room. If the user selects ‘deny’ to these permissions, they will be unable to see, hear, or speak to others in the room. 

Last Update : February 2021