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There are a few different types of emails that can be sent from Eventfinity.  The 2 that we're going to cover here are both for Registration.  The first one is to invite to register and the other and a confirmation that an attendee registered.

Registration Invitation Email

This email can be sent when you add (or import) a new attendee and set their registration_status field to be "NEW".  This would be the "Attende Status Change" type of email which is explained below.  These invitations can also be sent out to all right away using "Send Immediatly"

To Setup this type of email, on Dashboard go to Communications > Emails.

In the screenshot above, we've already setup this and the confirmation type of email.  However, to create a new one for your event, click the "+ New Email" button on the top right. 

After clicking this button, you'll be directed to a new page to Create Email.

Here on this page, admins have the ability to customize the email.  Fill in the fields for:

Once this button is pressed you will be redirected back to the Communications > Email index page. Here you'll be able to see the logs of what was sent out as well as edit or delete the Email.  To check the logs, press the log icon for the email in question.  This is the clock with a counter-clockwise arrow circling the clock.  

Clicking "Logs" will bring you to a page showing a list of all emails sent out and a basic status of each.

In the above example, Adam Katz is the only one that an email was sent out to. Here shows what field was used as the emaill address, the email address of the reciever, the name, the date and time the communication was sent and the status.  Here Adam Katz was sent this email to his Gramercy Tech address on 8/25 12:15pm and was sucessfully delivered.

Registration Confirmation Email

This email is sent as a confirmation when the registration form is submitted by the user. 

All the steps to create this type of email is very similar to the above but, the ACTION should be set to "Registration Form Confirmation"

When this option is selected, an option to select a "FORM" will appear and need to be selected.  Select the registration form that's desired here.  Anyone completing this form will get this email.