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Readers/Scanning (onsite)

There are 5 types of 'Readers'. 


Onsite setup

When setting up Readers and scanner onsite you want to start with the iPad. Every iPad onsite should have the 'Kiosk App' already installed, if the app is not installed you can follow instructions here.  Once you open the Kiosk app there is a modal on the right side and at the top there will be a place for a url, in that space put in scans.eventfinity.co. This will take you to the scans site where admins can log in with their Dashboard credentials (A tip is to create another admin for the event that is for scanning. This will make it easier to find your event).

After logging in you will have to find your event you have the 'Readers' setup in. Select the event and it will bring it to all the readers. Once the reader needed is selected you can pair the scanner to the iPad. The scanners we use are bluetooth so go into the settings on the iPad and then 'Bluetooth'. Hold the scan button on the scanner for 3-4 seconds (until you hear beeps to know it's turned on). After the scanner is turned on you should see it as a bluetooth selection on the iPad. The scanner name on the bluetooth page will look like SLxxxxxx (the x's are the numbers of the scanner, each scanner has a unique number). If you do not see the scanner on the bluetooth page turn off bluetooth and turn it back on, usually this trick works to see the scanner. If you still don't see the scanner try scanning 'Bluetooth GATT mode' on page 4 on the User Guide and also scan 'Switch Input Method (iOS/Windows) on page 5 of the User Guide.

Once the scanner is paired with the iPad go back to the kiosk app and the reader. Make sure the cursor is in the input box at the bottom of the reader page and start doing test scans with some test badges to make sure the reader is working. If the reader is looking for certain zones make sure to test attendees with and without those zones to make sure the reader is setup correctly. If the reader is suppose to update a field make sure to check that field after your test scans.

Onsite Tips and Tricks